What Happened to George Frederick Hopf?

I’ve been doing ancestry research for more than 12 years. It has been an extraordinary experience meeting tragically missing family members, discovering family members I never knew existed and learning the tales of their lives. It was incredible fun. They disclosed to me their accounts and I revealed to them mine. I visited where they resided, strolled the roads where they strolled more than 100 years prior. I frequented cemeteries searching for their internment plots and tombstones. I went through hours in area records workplaces looking into land records, wills and probate. I spent uncounted hours scanning the Internet for records of statistics, birth, passing and marriage and government backed retirement records. Ordinarily a name was spelled or duplicated off-base or the record taker’s penmanship was hard to peruse.

I invested a fortune in both energy and cash duplicating or sending for unique archives. I became progressively captivated with the lives they drove against the scenery of the occasions. The accounts transformed into a book Lotties Lot. Lottie Jane Walker was my distant grandma. She was brought into the world in 1871 in Cresco, Iowa. She wedded Charles Ira Hastings when she was 18 years of age. They were hitched for a very long time and together brought up seven kids six little girl and one child. The title of the book Lottie’s Lot alludes to her part of children and her general situation. Her subsequent little girl, Iris Hazel, everybody called her Hazel, was my grandma.

I began the book in the center, first composing the account of one of my grandma’s sisters Bethany who passed on at age 26 from a self-perpetrated fetus removal. She gave up four kids. Before I expressed my examination I never realized Beth existed, not to mention her youngsters. My family was master at staying quiet. It made my examinations harder however more fun. Beth and her family lived in Alberta, Canada. After I got some answers concerning them I called and conversed with one of her child’s Lynn who was only three years of age when his mom kicked the bucket. That prompted an outing and I was favored to visit and meet three of the Beth’s four youngsters a few mates and kids. Cousins and second cousins. I visited where Lottie resided, where Beth lived and kicked the bucket. It was great.

At that point I discovered that my natural granddad was Father George Rutler Frederick Hopf. This was a significant stun on the grounds that the entirety of my life I accepted that my last name was Vardon. My name was Nancy Vardon. I found that Hazel wedded George Hopf on July 25, 1910 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have their marriage permit. My dad was conceived April 5, 1911, his name was George Kenneth Hopf. They moved to Edmonton Alberta, Canada. George was a Seventh day Adventist and his religion and different issues caused clashes in their marriage. Hazel isolated from him and fled with another man named Anthony Leroy Vardon who was as yet hitched to another lady. They went to Detroit in 1915. Since both were hitched to another person they needed to keep quiet. Living respectively in those days was judged brutally so she subjectively changed my dads name to Kenneth Leroy Vardon.

George in his misery joined the Canadian Army and battled in WW1. He went through three years in France and was a doctor. After his release in January 1919, he discovered Hazel in Detroit and needed his child. They contended more. She at long last petitioned for a separation and it was conceded in support of herself September 1920. He was living in Detroit in the 1920 Census. In around 1926 he moved to Washington D.C. He is recorded in the city registries from 1926 to 1930, and he is in the 1930 registration. At that point he vanishes. He would have been 50 years of age. He was brought into the world on January 20, 1880 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, the second child of George M F Hopf and Caroline. I frantically need to discover what befell him, when and where he kicked the bucket, where he is covered. In the event that you read this and can assist me with satisfying an email.